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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I am Alive

Hello everyone,

     I am sorry that I have not been on in quite some time.
I have been both busy and distracted.
I renewed my insurance license and am also undergoing many many hospital tests do determine my brain status and cancer status as it where..
I have more skin growns and head pain and concentration "issues".

Memory comes and goes apparently accordingly with my consumption of coconut oil, more oil,, better memories, less oil, less memories.....

some days my brain fells like it is going to just shut down so i lat down and just rest and try to sleep..
Some days I'm a sharp as a scalpel and others as dull as the leading edge of a basketball...

Skin issues making me nervous, they found more polups in me and send them off for bopsi and i had a Brain mri last week and more doctors visits than I can keep up with.
Thank God for Karen! I am so confused I am not sure where I am supposed to be or what I am supposed to be doing half the time..
I keep thinking that i need to come up with a system, but never do...
I used to have dailey planners and lists and so forth
but now i can't seem to manage them, find them remember to use them or even remember if i have one lol
Karen texts me.
We have but she does not like using it for some reason?
So i quit paying for it..
It is only l;ike4.00 a month, and it send messages to my email and phone as often as we tell it too
I have an android hone that I am finally able to use well.
It was interesting figuring out all the things it can do..
As a tech expert you would think i would have picked up on it sooner, but for some reason there are some things i can't pick up on for some rason
anything apple for one think I have some kind of aversion to all things apple.. except apples themselves lol and apple pie and cobbler of course :)
I guess since teh old Atari day's when they where " the enamy" It has carried over from 1980???
don't like them wont use them only tried to repair them for about a year and quit..
I had to hire richard to teach me how to even turn them on and use the stupid software to find anything , and then they changed it lol..
so NO nothing apple for me Sorry Steve, rest your soul, you where a nice guy, but i don't like your stuff man...

kind of like Xbox verses ps3, your either one or the other and seldom both...
I NEVER would have bought anything Nintendo until I moved in with Karen, now we have every gaming system there is and at least two of each type ... except apples of course..
I got the ps3 for me only to watch blue ray since it costs the same as a blue ray player at the time and now I game on it sometimes as well.. we all have a ps2 connected to our flat screen TV's and and Xbox of course, and Karen and I have ps3's. we all have some sort of hand held like psp,ds, 3d ds etc... or two or three, and kindles and android tablets and of course android phones..
I don't use them all that much, but Karen is amazing to watch... Especially at our age... she games almost constantly from the time she wakes up until just before her head hits teh pillow... while we eat, while we watch TV.... it is truly amazing to watch, from time to time you can catch her playing her dragons on up toe 4 devices at teh same time!!! LOL
I spend hours in here trying to read emails, trying to learn and trying to email.
It takes so darn long to do any of the above..
I try to game on my Xbox as it helps me relax and socialize with my Xbox friends, I am in a gaming clan and have over 100 friends that I game with (

Well crap ,  lunch time gotta jet, got to take lunch to my awesome wife and then ill be back!!!!
Filling out 10 pages of anoying questions for another specialist

repost of coconut video